There is a reason the Toyota Yaris has become one of the most popular subcompact vehicles out there, and we are thrilled that it's finally arrived in Madison, WI. We are here to tell you about some of the features that make the Yaris stand out.

The Engine

The 1.5L engine in the Yaris is one of Toyota's most promising engines. It is compact, powerful, but also quite efficient. Toyota has always made sure to give customers an engine they can depend on, and they have outdone themselves with a great engine that gives you up to 40 miles per gallon.


The suspension system is another feature worth discussing because it does surprise you the moment you feel it. It is a state-of-the-art system that not only makes the Yaris quite responsive; it also makes each drive feel effortless.

Keep in mind that we are just talking about two features here, but there are many more tucked in the Toyota Yaris. We want you to come down and take it for a spin so that you can see what we are talking about.

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