Every year, Toyota produces more hybrid and electric models. And every year customers ask us what the electric range on those models are. To help with that, we’re going to showcase the most popular hybrid and electric models Toyota has and their ranges.

Popular Hybrid & Electric Models

Toyota Avalon Hybrid

With a sleek design and upscale cabin, the Toyota Avalon is a standout sedan. But how far does it travel? According to the EPA, the Avalon gets an estimated 44 mpg. And when switched to all-electric mode, it has a range of 30 miles.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

When you want to traverse the trials easily, the Toyota RAV4 has you covered. But if you want great gas mileage in the process, the RAV4 Hybrid is the way to go. It’s estimated that when driving on pure electric power, this SUV can travel for 42 miles before switching to it’s gas-powered engine.

Toyota bZ4X

The newest edition to Toyota’s lineup is the bZ4X, and it’s Toyota’s first all-electric vehicle. This SUV has various ranges depending on its trim and drivetrain configuration, so choose carefully.

The following are the ranges for this model:

  • Limited AWD: 222 miles
  • XLE AWD: 228 miles
  • Limited FWD: 242 miles
  • XLE FWD: 252 miles

Drive a Toyota Hybrid Today!

The hybrid and electric vehicles in Toyota’s lineup are great for any driver, and we’ve only scratched the surface. Other hybrid models include Toyota Prius, Highlander, Venza, and more. Give us a call for more information about the hybrid and electric models we sell and their ranges. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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