Every component of your vehicle is important, from the engine to the oil you put in it. But do you know why the oil in your car is so vital? If not, you're not alone - and our dealership wants to answer this question. We'll explain why your oil is important and why you should change it regularly, so continue reading.

Why Oil is Important and How Often You Should Change It

Your car's oil helps your engine parts run efficiently. Over time, oil can thicken, and your engine will start to overheat and be damaged if not changed. As a rule of thumb, changing your vehicle's oil every 5,000 to 10,000 miles is a good idea. Though if your vehicle is older, then changing it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles is better.

How to Check Your Oil Levels?

While replacing your oil regularly is recommended, sometimes all you need to do is top off the oil level. Before you check your levels, it's best to check when the engine is cold. If the car was recently turned off, wait about two hours before checking. Though if the car is warm, you only need to wait about 15-30 minutes.

Warning Signs

Every 5,000 miles is when you should replace your oil. However, if you see signs of low engine pressure or an oil leak, bring your vehicle to our service center immediately.

Schedule a Service Appointment

Now you see why your oil is important and should be changed. The next time you need to replace your car's oil, schedule an appointment with the East Madison Toyota service center.

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