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  • John Wineke
    General Manager

    I am proud to be surrounded by the best Sales and Service team.  This consists of the highest quality individuals who share a vision of customer service.  I encourage you to reach out directly if for any reason you haven't received first class handling and service.  I also encourage you to let me know about your positive experiences.  Feedback is critical in our development of individuals and processes, which we strive to improve daily.  Thank you for choosing East Madison Toyota!

  • David Virgell
    Customer Service Manager

    I moved from Baltimore to Wisconsin in 2010. I was inspired by a saying my Brother told me. That was "In order to change your life you have to change your life" I moved and have not regretted a single day. I live by motto "The best Way to get what you want is to help someone get what they want". I am known as MR Super Fantastic and I always strive to have a positive and optimistic attitude. I think that's Why I am the CRM for East Madison Toyota. My passion is music production and there is not a day goes by I am not thinking of Music. You may also find me making the occasional video for the dealership or unique art  of our amazing staff. I enjoy my life with my lovely wife Kasia and our 3 Boston Terriers they make for a very Happy Home. East Madison Toyota is my second family and I look forward to coming to work everyday to make a difference for our team and our amazing customer base.

  • Mark Sisson *
    New Car Sales Manager

    Mark has been with East Madison Toyota since 2014.  He expects to see many more years with EMT, mainly because he loves deadlines and the whooshing sounds they make as they fly by.  He likes to live his life ¼ mile at a time, but that sometimes runs at odds with his unusual love of high gas mileage so he is  looking for that special Prius that will achieve 60 MPG and run a 9-second Quarter Mile.  You can find him occasionally online with the secret love of his life, his PS5, where he lives out the great advice his grandfather gave to him.  "Hard work never killed anyone, but why take that chance?"  Also, since you have come this far reading this stellar bio, Mark has one more nugget for you to live by.  "If you are wearing a Nirvana shirt but never listen to them…. STOP"

  • Zac Ezzell *
    Sales Manager

  • Doug Morrill
    Used Car Sales Manager

    Doug has been a Manager at East Madison Toyota since 2009 . On his days off he likes to go boating , camping and snowmobiling . Doug enjoys sending time with family and friends . He is from Madison and loves his city . He would love to help you get a Pre-owned car or truck .

  • Warren Brener
    Sales Manager

  • Shaanan Donegon*
    Master Sales Associate

    Shaanan has been an selling cars since 2016. He lives locally in Sun Prairie.  He has achieved Master Sales Certification and is one of the top sales professionals in the Chicago Region for both New and Used. He is easy to work with and provides a laid back approach to helping his customers. 

  • Jason Schultz *
    Master Sales Associate

    Jason has been with East Madison Toyota since 2013.  He has been Master Certified as well as attained Toyota Sales Society honors for 7+ years!! Currently, Jason lives in Janesville. He enjoys the drive up to East Madison Toyota so he can work with his fellow employees, whom he considers friends and family. His past experiences have molded how he works with our guests.  As he has told many guests "I was the guy that had a bad car buying experience, so I want to make sure you have a good one." Jason's mentality is that he is working with a friend and how would they want to be treated.  He has lived in Wi his whole life, growing up in La Crosse, Wi (Mini-Madison on the big river).  He loves watching the Badgers, Brewers, Bucks, & Packers, as well as outdoors activities.  His true joy is his family and the time he can spend with them.   While going through a lot of ups and downs in his life he came up with this saying that he lives by today. "For every down, there is an UP!  For every cry, there is a LAUGH!  For every enemy, there is a FRIEND! For every dark day, there is a HAPPY ONE! For every time you get knocked down, there is the opportunity to STAND UP!"

  • Tashi Chomor *
    Master Sales Associate

    Tashi is a Master Certified sales person who has been an associate here since 1998.  She has earned many accolades including Master Sales Certification and being one of the top sales professionals in the Chicago Region year after year.  Tashi and her family reside in Waunakee.  She can assist you in several dialects including Tibetan, Nepalese, Newari, Hindi, and Urdu.

  • Gary Cooper *
    Master Sales Associate

    Gary Cooper has been with East Madison Toyota since 2013.  He enjoys meeting new people and custom detailing their vehicle needs.  He has life long expertise in the automotive industry and a gear head.  Gary collects, builds and maintains several custom motorcycles.  Gary enjoys organizing tours in the driftless area in southern WI.  As a Master Certified sales associate Gary's knowledge and passion make him one of the top associates year after year.

  • Sida Liu
    Sales Associate

    Sida is a seasoned Bilingual (中文)sales consultant serving the Madison area since 2014, specializing in Mandarin Chinese. Sida has been helping the Chinese community with an at-ease buying process. Favorite part of his job is "everyday is a different day" working in the sales force, meeting customers from all walks of life. Before Joining the Toyota Family, Sida served 8 years with the United States Army.

  • Lynn Braun
    Sales Associate

    Lynn Braun has been with East Madison Toyota since 2011.  He enjoys working with people and helping them find the vehicle that best fits their needs.  He has a wealth of vehicle knowledge combined with an easy going personality.  He enjoys camping, fishing, hiking and cherishes his time with his wife and 5 grandchildren.  

  • Alex Lozano
    Sales Associate

    Alex has been working at East Madison Toyota for 5 years. He loves helping people and focuses on excellent customer service. He loves spending time with his family, being outdoors, and traveling. He appreciates good coffee and music! Yo hablo español!

  • Fil Diaz Duran
    Sales Associate

    Fil has been with East Madison Toyota since 2019. He is originally from Illinois and came out to Madison. He attended North Central College and received his degree in Exercise Science. He has his two dogs, both are huskies, that he spends much of his time with. Currently he is getting his 2018 Toyota Tundra ready for all the adventures he is looking to take!

  • Kristy Mueller
    Sales Associate

    Kristy has been a sales consultant at East Madison Toyota since 2016. She enjoys interacting with customer's through internet sales. Kristy's passion is riding her horse and showing at equine events.  Originally from Colorado, she now lives in Madison with her husband and 2 dogs. 

  • Russell Mayry
    Sales Associate

    Russell has been with East Madison Toyota since 2019.  He prides himself in going above and beyond in service to his customers.  While car buying can sometimes be overwhelming for people, Russell believes that it should be a positive and exciting time, and strives to make that a reality for everyone who he works with.

  • Jerremy Boun
    Sales Consultant

    Jerremy has been with East Madison Toyota since 2017.  He enjoys interacting with customers and specializes with internet sales.  He loves spending time with family and friends on the lake.  He originates from Memphis TN, where he gained a love for food.  I'm here to help whether it's buying a vehicle or if you have questions on your current one.  

  • Tommy Johnson
    Sales Consultant

  • Luke Thomson
    Sales Associate

    I've been a sales consultant at East Madison Toyota since 2020. I attended Beloit College where I played lacrosse and completed a degree in education, however, I chose to pursue sales because I like interacting with customers on a daily basis. I've lived in Wisconsin almost my whole life and will always consider myself a cheese head, especially with my family's ties to the dairy industry. In my spare time, I enjoy being in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and taking care of my 6-month-old German shorthaired pointer.  

  • Patrick Mickelson
    Sales Associate

    Patrick started working with East Madison Toyota in the fall of 2020. Considered a Jack-of-all-trades, Patrick has a background of customer service in multiple fields of business. He also has a background of renting cars from Enterprise! With his broad knowledge of cars from many different brands, there is a reason why he chose to work with Toyota! Feel free to ask him when you get the chance!

  • Ethan Hyatt
    Sales Associate

    Ethan has been a sales consultant at East Madison Toyota since 2020. He enjoys the occasional Friday night fish fry and when he isn't hard at work finding the right vehicle for his clients you can usually find him out on his motorcycle. Ethan also enjoys riding snowmobile and playing the occasional round of Call of Duty with his friends. He is a Madison area local and resides in Waunakee. He is very excited to be able to help you select the vehicle that is right for you.

  • David Scott
    Sales Associate

    David has been a sales consultant at East Madison Toyota since 2021. Born and raised in Northern Illinois, he is a recent college graduate of Illinois State University. David enjoys spending his free time watching sports and staying active. He currently resides in Lodi with his two dogs. With his extensive racing background, he is educated in the balance of quality and performance. David is dedicated to finding his clients the perfect vehicle to fit their wants and needs. He cannot wait to get started working with you.

  • Ray Farias Soler
    Sales Associate

    Reynaldo has been a sales consultant at East Madison Toyota since March 2021 and comes with an extensive customer service background.  Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, he enjoys all things tropical, especially corals and saltwater tank .  He currently lives in Sun Prairie with his Wife, Son, Daughter, and two dogs.  

  • Matt Ingram
    Sales Assistant

  • Matt Schnell
    Finance Director

    Matt is our Finance Lead and has been with us since 2010.  He's a Wisconsin native and loves rooting on the Packers, Badgers and Brewers.   When he's not at work he's usually off to the Northwoods, playing on the lake and cooking good food.

  • Rudy Rivera
    Finance and Insurance

  • Alex Thom
    Finance and Insurance

  • TJ Richards
    Finance and Insurance

    Born and raised just north of Milwaukee, I have been in the Madison area for most of my adult life since attending UW.  There were stints in Illinois and Kentucky, but there is something about this area that just pulled me back.  I started with East Madison Toyota in 2017 after working the hardest job anyone can have, and that was stay-at-home parent.  While it was amazing to get to spend that time with my daughter, I realized when she was starting to toddle around that she needed more than I could provide.  I was fortunate to get the opportunity to come here and join a great team, and can't believe how much everyone is willing to help each other.

  • Angie Becker
    Inventory Control Manager

    Angie has been at East Madison Toyota since July of 2010. She anticipates many more years with Team EMT, without the fast pace car business life she really wouldn't know what to do with her hands. A born and raised Madisonian - she grew up interested in cars, finding a home away from home with Toyota was a perfect fit. In her spare time you'll typically find her hanging out on the lake with her family. 

* by associate name represents Master Certification, one of Toyota's top achievements annually